ToT EsTudio ArTe

"Art is making something out of nothing".
Frank Zappa

That is Everything.

The works exhibited on this platform, are for people to look at, that is to say get excited, get inspired, draw conclusions, comment, share… therefore, the most important of this attitude the artists will have a motivation to continue creating and growing in search of the emotion of the spectator, if to all this we add that the public buys some work, it will also economically encourage artists to purchase materials, knowledge, valorization of their work and valorization of their spirit.

Most of the works exhibited in TOT art can be printed and framed to suit the buyer, for example we talk about sizes, papers or special supports, also framed or custom orders.

We are creative

We love challenges, crazy proposals, we are always ready to enjoy creating

We are Innovators

In Tot there is no age, we are from different generations all linked to art and technology .

We are proactive

In Tot there is no impossible, we love to test our creativity .

Our services

At Tot Estudio Arte you can entrust us with any suggestion for our team to develop your idea and wish to be fulfilled, that is to say we look for all the possibilities. Example – murals, pictures, framing advice, print media and a myriad of etc…

Graphite Drawings, fine liner

Graphite or fine liner drawings can be ordered on budget according to sizes and papers, for example, can be original or digitized and printed on the best papers 100% cotton these are serialized and signed by the artist.

Digital collage

Digital collages, They are works of Carlos Caceres who has a long history in professional photography and also in works are from personal photographs of the Artist's image bank., examples , textures, therefore a small summary of possibilities that this artist could offer.

Mixed Techniques

With Mixed techniques, we give free rein to our imagination and also experiment with new and old materials, supports, media, etc.


In photography we offer many possibilities from super artistic portraits, conceptual photography, landscapes, still lifes, nudes, etc. The most important thing always with exquisite taste and directing the results to the forefront that seduces us. Ie call us and tell us your needs.

Tot Official Artists

Our artists are passionate about what they do, day after day they look for inspiration to carry out their projects and continue sharing with you.


Luiyo V.

Collaborating Artist

Pablo M.

Collaborating Artist

Current Exhibitions

The exhibitions exposed here are our selection of what each artist with his style offers us. In conclusion, to summarize some examples of each of the artists in their specialties.

Contact us

+34 607 70 16 47